Monster Breeding Report #4 / by Eric Emma

MONSTER 1: For Liberty


“Everything I feel about the world I’ve given to this omelet.” Pitt

Did a bunch of tweaks to the script for Roan Bibby, producer/director. We’re right on track to get this film done by the end of the year. We have auditions on October 20th with callbacks on October 27th.  The shoot has been pushed back to beginning of December, which gives plenty of time to Roan and his team to prepare and get ready for the shoot!

MONSTER 2: Klack and Roe


“Beat that mustache.” Roe

As we speak, our animator, Manolo Moreno (, is hard at work bringing the pilot episode to life. All the voices are recorded and the rough sound mix was finished about two weeks ago. Jake Rich, co-creator, and I are hard at work cooking up a rad introduction with another artist, Tim Dedman. All in all, the pilot should be finished by the end of October!

MONSTER 3: Cosmo Cat


“Boulder dash, Mr. Twinkle, I am a Meow Machine. I’m meant to Meow.” Meow Machine

I received the rough story boards a few days ago and had a nice meeting last night with the artist, Jacob Edgar ( Made tweaks to the script and went over some notes on the boards. He’s got his hands filled as he’s doing backgrounds, character designs, and final boards so no time-table as to when he’ll be finished. I’ll be doing a reading with some actors on the 20th to hear the script aloud.

MONSTER 4: Lonely Queens


“When you speak to me, you will look at me.” Miranda

Still Writing.