Monster Breeding Report #2 / by Eric Emma

Each monster needs it own special regimen of proper care if it's to grow into the healthy, scary killing machine that it was destined to be. Such is the thought that crosses my mind as I buy Vogue, Cosmopolitan, US Weekly, and XXL magazines at the Duane Reade for research into Miki, the main character of "Lonely Queens". The title is tentative in the latest round of notes from the producers on that project, they've asked me to start thinking of new titles. Always interesting is that I find the most common notes I get when working with producers/directors are changes to names and titles.

Things are progressing well on all fronts. Yesterday, marked the beginning of my work on the latest draft of "Lonely Queens." The critical juncture of any story in my experience is usually the third or fourth draft when it makes the jump from the raw intent into the unexpected version of what it'll become. Something was simply not working in the draft and I knew what it was. The character came to no resolution because there was no distinguishable want the character had because I was trying to force it into the story that I originally wanted. Something wonderful happened though, as often does, I began to craft the story that was there and tho the events are very similar it became something very different. It's scary and exciting, but such is the creative process. 

Klack and Roe. Flurry of scheduling and talent gathering. As of now, we have one actor locked and that's the voice of Klack. If our previous Roe returns that remains to be seen and we still need to fill the voices of Scally, Trappy, and Lex. It becomes a mad dash of e-mails and experimentation. I am going try a couple of female voice actors on Roe to see what it sounds like. This is actually how Obie became a female character on the last go around. In any case, the clock ticks as we scramble to meet our end of August deadline to have a cast assembled.

Cosmocat and "For Liberty" both are moving along, but no new mutations or growth spurts to report!