Monster Breeding Report #1 / by Eric Emma

As I hustle and bustle to get all my affairs in order, I HAVE 6 DIFF MEETINGS OVER THE NEXT 2 DAYS!, before I fly to Grenada to party like mad during their Carnival, I felt that it was the perfect time to unveil the website and provide status updates on my various projects.

MONSTER 1: For Liberty


Roan Bibby, producer/director, has shoot dates penciled in for the end of October.  Roan enters pre-pro now and so I’ll be helping him in various capacities. I have a few tweaks on the script, but it’s pretty locked in otherwise. This is the fun part where I get to just see the fun stuff that Roan does with it. Officially excited to see this monster off into the world!

MONSTER 2: Klack and Roe


David Koh, illustrator, finished the designs, backgrounds, and rough boards of the pilot! And they kick ass! If you haven’t already, I suggest you check out the designs under the projects tab. I’m meeting with a few animators on Tuesday and we’re hoping to have the actors in studio by the end of the month to record their lines. Hopefully, we’ll have the mix finished by early September. Once the budget and mix are finalized, we’ll be posting up a Kickstarter. If all goes well, Klack and Roe Episode 1 will be finished by end of October!

MONSTER 3: Cosmo Cat


I've sent the latest draft of the full-length to Jacob Edgar, illustrator, and we have a meeting on Tuesday night to discuss what the time-line will be to have designs and boards finished. Can’t wait to post up designs of the Meow Machine and Owlephant! I may have voices recorded to go with the boards to make a rough animatic, but as of now, only plans are to board out the script for pitching.

MONSTER 4: Lonely Queens


Two drafts in and it’s not quite where we, I and the producers, want it. I had a very productive meeting with Audrey MacAlpine last week regarding the project and the plan is for me to have another draft finished by end of August. Still in search of a director that fits the project so hopefully by end of August, I’ll have a clearer picture as to when this will be finished. However, with a budget locked in, I have little doubt that this feisty monster comes to fruition.