Monster Breeding Report #3 / by Eric Emma

Klack and Roe.

(Note this should have been posted a week ago)

We’re casted! We had auditions last Tuesday and I honestly, I’ve been dying to get back into the room on Tuesday for our rehearsal and start working with these fantastic actors on the script.

Tahlia Robinson - Roe

Abraham Amkpa - Klack

Chinaza Uche - Lex/S'Cally

Mark Martin - 98 Degrees/ Sound Effects   

I am hoping to have proper cast photos/bios up soon.  

As for the auditions, we took a round robin sort of approach as well as opened the audition to allow actors, regardless of gender, to audition for any role they wished. We would have four actors read through the script and then after the reading was done, they’d pass their scripts and read for a different role. Actors would come into the auditions at different times, so once someone had read for all the parts another actor would replace them and that original actor would leave.  

Now as I sat through this experiment, it became almost a refresher course on almost everything I learned through the years.  The coolest thing was seeing the common threads throughout the many interpretations people have of the characters. Then realizing the importance of subtext and how malleable lines become when an actor has the ability to add intention to a line. Fascinating stuff.

Each person we casted brought something uniquely special to his or her respected role while he or she read. That was the most excited aspect of the approach that we took to the audition. Would be, we hear someone read and it just sounded off, they switch the scripts, and all of sudden there was new life in the characters.  

We can’t wait for people to hear what we have in store!