MONSTER 1: For Liberty, Short Film


It’s in the can, folks! We shot this bad mamma-jamma in December and it is looking great! Roan is now hard at work editing it all together and I will be posting a blog post regarding the experience of being on set later in the week. It’s bittersweet as my part in the project is essentially finished outside of a consulting role, but I anxiously await seeing first cut.  

Subsequent Breeding Reports will begin with Monster 2: Klack and Roe since production has finished on this and any updates regarding the film will get its own blog post. Can’t wait till we can share this with the world!

MONSTER 2: Klack and Roe, Animated Pilot & Future Episodes


We received a killer rough cut of the episode from our animator, Manolo Moreno. It’s killing me that we’re still a month away till it’ll be finished, but it’ll be well worth the wait. Jake is working on delivering the latest sound mix since we felt the mix needed a little punching up. We’ve brought in a talented sound designer to help in that regard and additional sound effects need to be recorded by Mandibul (our professional beat boxer) so that whole process will take another week or two. And once we have the final mix, we can send it to Manolo to finish the episode. We’re looking at the end of January/beginning of February on this being finished.

In other news, Jake and I have been working on writing the entire first season and we’re about %50-60 of the way there!

MONSTER 3: Cosmo Cat. Preschool TV Show Pitch


Received the finished storyboards of the pilot episode from Jacob and they’re looking fantastic, I still need to receive final character designs and backgrounds, but once I finish work on Klack and Roe and Shoot Me, Antonia, I’ll be returning to this to sketch out the other episodes and write the bible to get it ready to pitch!

MONSTER 4: Shoot Me, Antonia, Short Film (Formerly Lonely Queens)


We've come a long way on this project. I handed a draft in a week ago and everyone’s very excited about it. We’ve locked down a director, Pedro Periera, he directed the voice actors on Klack and Roe along with shooting/editing the intro for it so we’ve built a great relationship and I know he’s going to do a great job. The producers are beginning the process of raising the funds now and we’ll be having a reading next week. If all goes well, this could be going in front of the lens as soon as March or April!

MONSTER 5: Henry & Emma, a new Web Series!


A brand new web-series that I’ve begun developing that I hope to shoot in March or April out in Los Angeles. It revolves around ongoing morning conversations of an alcoholic writer, Henry, and his neighbor, Emma, a struggling comedian about trying to make it in the ‘biz. All twelve episodes have been written and sent to my producer on the project. Stay tune for more details.