It happens. I wondered whether I should write a blog post about this, but I felt since I had told so many folks my excitement on the project, it warranted a post. I was informed on Friday that the folks that were going to put in the money for “Shoot Me, Antonia” had decided not to. The first question, I often get is why? It’s a complicated answer.

My father sent me an interesting e-mail since the first people that know everything that happens in my life are my parents. “I read through your script. I really liked it, but I think this script could either be great or lousy depending on how it’s shot.” And that to me summed up the big issue with the producers. I had written a script that would have taken faith in the team to pull off. 

My work, as usual, is challenging and complex.  There are no clear answers. No clear judgements. It operates like my own view of the world, much to the chagrin of family and friends, that there is not a “good/bad”, but simply, people doing what’s inherently best for them.  To be fair, the two shorts that I wrote push that more to the extreme than say "Klack and Roe" or "Cosmo Cat." 

In the end, I think everyone has to do what’s right for them. It does no one any good to have cross-purposes and while I spent plenty of work on the script, this will probably end for the best. What does this mean for “Shoot Me, Antonia”? I spoke with Pedro, my director on the project, and while we both believe in the script, it was written for these producers. To spend time and energy raising money for it would not feel quite right. However, I will be submitting it to short film script competitions and looking into grants. Also who knows, someone may come along and be interested in making it.

My biggest regret is not having a chance to see the wonderful team that was assembling around this project getting to work their magic. However, there are always other projects and I am sure another chance to work with these talented folks will arise!