A web-cartoon that will be comprised of four minute episodes chronicling the journey of ROE, the only angleless, mustacheless, and limbless shape, shrugs off his bureaucratic responsibilities of serving gas at The Huffing Post and dedicates his centrifugal force to annoying and grandstanding his governmental overlords, the Triangles, much to the consternation of his supervisor, KLACK, a hapless square that loves rules and paperwork.

Klack and Roe 

Animated Web Series

Co-Created/Written by Eric Emma & Jake Rich


Abraham Jean Pierre Amkpa - Klack

Kaila Mullady - Roe

Chinaza Unche - Lex/S'Cally

Mark Martin - 98 Degrees

Voice Direction by Pedro Marnoto Pereira

Introduction Shot and Edited by Pedro Marnoto Pereira

Introduction Art by Tim Dedman

Character Designs and Storyboards by David Koh

Animation by Manolo Monino

Sound Effects by Mark Martin

Sound Design by Andy Stein

Sound Editing by Eric Emma and Jake Rich

Best Boy: Henry Clay